VIDEO: Racing in Slow Motion (Part III)

Things are happening too fast in the motor racing world that sometimes you need to see the whole action in slow motion. This slow motion video is Mattzel89's way to describe the awesomeness of racing, and i think every petrolhead on this planet will thank him for this great video. This video is the third of the Racing in Slow Motion series, you can see the first two parts here and here, they are worth your time too.

Hat tip for Mike!

Racing in Slow Motion 3 from Mattzel89 on Vimeo.

[source: Vimeo]

Photo Credits: Richebets

Everything about a Lamborghini V12 engine is pure art, the sound, the look, the sculpted Raging Bull badge, the performance.. Just look at the Murciélago SV engine bay, it really belongs to another dimension. Credit for this magnificent shot goes to Richebets.
Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 Yeniceri Edition: Matt Black Still Rules

No matter how expansive the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is, many tuning companies could not resist bringing their own touch to the Italian supercar. This time it's Unicates turn to do the show. The Lamborghini LP640 Yeniceri (whatever that means) Edition is the real deal when it comes to matt black finish. The car is fitted with 20 inch wheels at the front and 21 inches an the back. Of course, the LP640 Yeniceri Edition could not escape the LED treatment..

The interior of the car also benefits from the Unicate team's attention with the use of carbon fiber design elements, a new steering wheel and a new sound system. Unlike the styling of the car, the performance upgrades are minor. Thanks to a new exhaust system, the raging bull now develops 651 Hp which doesn't sound like a lot compared to JB Car design's 'Bat' with its 710 Hp and 750 Hp upgrades but is powerful enough for it to belong to the three seconds club.

[source: Unicate via World Car Fans]
Amazing shot: BMW M1 Spitting Flames

Photo credits: Cesare De Giglio

Even without those huge flames this shot would have been a total success because of the awesomeness of the BMW M1 race car. However, talented photographer Cesare De Giglio managed to capture this very brief moment, which makes this shot a thousand times more beautiful. The BMW M1 was the first car to roll out from a Bayerische Motoren Werke factory carrying the ///M badge and it's still one of the fastest and most beautiful M cars until this day. It's also one of the most exclusive BMW cars since only 455 of them were made.
Red Bull Racing Prototype X1 For GT5 is FULLY Revealed

Red Bull Prototype X1

Last week we could see the first leaked pictures of the much anticipated X1 Prototype for the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 racing simulation. Now Polyphony Digital have released a full set of pictures, a video of the car lapping the Nürburgring Gran Prix Circuit as well as the full technical specifications.

The X1 Prototype is simply a design master piece. It's a cross between a jet fighter and a formula 1 car but it has its very own personality. It has a very smooth body designed for maximum aerodynamic effciency. And best of all, it has been imagined by master aerodynamic engineer and Red Bull Racing's chief technical officer, Adrian Newey which means in real life it would be winning races...

With a wet weight of 615 Kg and a twin turbocharged 3.0L V6 producing 1483 Hp the X1 prototype can theorically achieve a 0 to 96 km/h (60 mph) time of 1.4 seconds, with the 193 Km/h (120 mph) mark coming right after another 1.4 sconds and by the time a Camaro V6 reaches 60 mph in nearly 6.1 seconds, the X1 protype would already be at 320 km/h (200 mph). At that speed, the car is capable of achieving as much as 960 kilograms of down force. This allows the X1 to corner at unbelievably high speeds and virtually achieve a lap time of 1 minute 4 seconds in the Nürburgring Gran Prix circuit! To see Sebastian Vettel perform this astonishing lap, watch the video below.

Adrian Newey's X1 Prototye For GT5 Fully Revealed from Amine kounista on Vimeo.

Can they really make it?
Adrian Newey says yes. In fact, he describes the X1 as an evolution,"..delivering the optimum combination of tested technologies in a single integrated design." And that's because most of the elements included in this car have already been tested on protypes or race cars in the past. Technologies like the famous "Fan Car" which sucks the air flow beneath the car body to reduce its pressure and generate massive amounts of downforce, ride height suspension, variable transmission as well as active aero parts already exist or have existed on several race cars and even road cars.

Will it be as fast in real life?
If they can achieve 1483 Hp out of a direct injected twin turbo 3.0L V6 engine, then i don't see why a 615 Kg car propelled by such an engine woudln't go like a rocket!

Will it be drivable in real life?
You certainly need too much talent to drive an F1 car like Sebastian Vettel. But this car is so fast that it has reached the limit of what a human being body can take. If you are piloting a jet fighter at thousands of meters of altitude, it might not be a big deal to turn a second later. But if you do it on a track on the wheels of the X1 prototype, you'd be hitting the wall at 400 Km/h... Would you drive it?

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Fantastic battle between Jamie Whincup, the Australian V8 supercars title holder and Shane Van Gisbergen, one of the youngest drivers on the grid at the 2010 Gold Coast Race. The two men made a demonstration of their talents in an epic V8 Supercars-style door to door battle. You really don't want to miss this, it's totally worth your time. Listen to those screaming V8s!
Beauty Captured: The Dark Side of The F40

Photo credits: Mike Boldt

If you've been checking this blog regularly then you probably have noticed that i'm a very big fan of the Ferrari F40, especially in Ferrari red. But i must admit that i was surprised to see that a carbon fiber film wrapped F40 would look this good.

Photo credits: Mike Boldt

While it looks very close to carbon fiber bodied cars, this is actually a carbon fiber film applied to entire car. To have an idea about the process, watch the video below to see a Ferrari F430 Spyder receiving a similar treatment by applying a matt black vinyl wrap. The result is really amazing and according to creative FX the vinyl wrap will last at least five years. Thumbs up for the good work.

Ferrari F430 Wrapped In Matte Black by Creative FX from Engined Beasts on Vimeo.

More pictures of the carbon fiber wrapped F40 by photographer Mike Boldt on the gallery below.

[source: Jonsibal]
The Queen of Race Cars

Photo Credits: Ghislain Balemboy

Check out this Ferrari F40 LM being driven like it should and spitting flames. It's an absolute beauty! It might not be the fastest nor the most powerful race car but i have a name for it and it suits it really well. I call it The Queen of Race Cars.
Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 by JB Car Design

lamborghini,murcielago,JB design
Photo Credits: © J.B. CAR DESIGN

For nearly the price of a new BMW 3 series, German tuner JB Car Design offers the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 owners a set of performance and styling enhancements to transfrom their Raging Bull into what JB Car Design dubbed 'The Bat'.

lamborghini,murcielago,JB design

These enhancements include a complete body kit of which they will only make 70 units, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and 20 inch wheels. To increase the V12 performance, customers will have the choice between 710 Hp and 750 Hp engine upgrades. The interior as well benefits from some pretty tasty leather and carbon fiber treatment plus a new steering wheel and sound system.

All of the enhancements cited above can be purshased separately. More pictures are available in the gallery below.

[source: JB Car Design]
Pick of The Day: Kirk Hammet's 1936 Ford

I'm really delighted to be writing about this custom 1936 Ford since it was built by Cole Foster of Salinas Boys for one of my all time favourite guitarists: Krik Hammet from Metallica. It's really nice to see that besides composing some of the greatest riffs in Metal music, he's also got an eye for good custumized cars. Check out the contrast between the very sophisticated controlled suspension system and the beautiful classic look of the car. The background music of this video is an instrumental version of "Fade to Black".

AccuAir e-Level System on Salinas Boys' 36 Ford from Reno Heon on Vimeo.

[source: Vimeo]
no image

Photo Credits:

This time it's Steve Sutcliff's turn to drive another very exclusive supercar, the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport. My favourite quote from this video is this one: "How ever fast you think it's gonna be, double it, add sixty and you might just be about there...". If you hear that from a guy who's already driven the Ferrari 599XX, 599GTO and the Audi R8 LMS, then you'd know that this car is really faster than the fastest. Don't expect to see the 1.6 Million car powersliding but the video is still worth your time. Click after the jump to see the video.
Photo: McLaren F1 Heaven

Photo Credits: McLaren - Woking Headquarters

They are all there and they all went back home for a family picture: McLaren F1, McLaren F1 GTR, Mclaren F1 Longtail. How are you feeling right now?
Unbelievably Realistic 3D Race Cars By Dangeruss

Credits: Dangeruss

Thanks to the amazing 3D drawing and rendering talents of Russ Schwenkler or "Dangeruss", you can enjoy these unbelievably realistic 3D illustrations of race cars you might never see in the real world as they are in these pictures.

First, the Ferrari 599XX in black and red racing livery. Then, the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series in a very exlusive yellow livery. And finally, our well loved Honda NSX Time Attack Style. All of these are made using 3DSMax, Vray and Photoshop. If you're already familiar with 3DSMax then you probably know the huge amount of time it could take you to do this. But time is far from being enough, you just need some serious talent. And i think that Dangeruss has tons of it. It is just stunning how far Dangeruss went with the details!

Credits: Dangeruss

Credits: Dangeruss

To see more of these masterpieces, head on to Jonsibal's website in the link below.

[Source: Jonsibal]
French Beauty

I know, i've already written about this car two days ago. But i just think it's amazingly good looking, so i thought it wasn't a bad idea to share this beautiful shot with you.

[Photo credits: Renault]
VIDEO: 1500 Hp Corvette Dragster is also Good at... Powersliding

Photo credits: VTG

Drag cars are unbeatable in the straight line compared to regular cars. But when it comes to steering, they just don't do the job quite well. However this Corvette C3 based drag car from Poland is a different beast as it happens to be good at powersliding too.. Even with those massive wheels!

VTG Corvette 4x4_1500 HP Dragster Drift from Tomasz Kućkowski on Vimeo.

[source: Vimeo]
Alfa Romeo Art Work: "The Cross and The Snake" Collection by Federico B. Alliney

"Una Serata a Casa" By Federico B. Alliney - ©Cultwork/Alfa Romeo
Car featured: 1955 Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 9

Federico B. Alliney is the artist responsible for creating the sceneries of "The World of Pandora" in the movie "Avatar". As an undisputed fan of Alfa Romeo since his childhood and a car collector, Alliney created these seven unique Alfa Romeo paintings featuring some the of marque's most iconic cars. Each one of the paintings illustrates an Alfa Romeo car surrounded by an imaginary world that corresponds to real spirit of the car and puts in its ideal world.

"Dorian Red" By Federico B. Alliney - ©Cultwork/Alfa Romeo
Car featured: 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Zagato Spider

To accomplish his art work Frederico B. Alliney used a pictorial technique that he have developed as movie sceneries designer. The artist realised these paintings by applying a concept he calls "painting with light" which is described "as a superimposition of layers of light and shadows, resulting into images inspired by pictorial and photographic tradition but incontrovertibly more vibrant of life due to the strong fluidity of the light."

Full collection and official press release after the jump.

Photos: The Renault DeZir Concept Car in The Streets of Paris

Renault wants to catch up with its country rival Citroën in terms of design. And by unveiling the sensational DeZir concept car in the Paris Motor Show last month, the French automaker seems pretty well on track. Forget those weird lines from the likes of the Renault Velsatis and say hi to the smoothness and the beauty of the DeZir lines.

The good thing about this show car is that it actually works. It has got a 150 Hp electric motor and is said to be capable of reaching 100 km/h (62mph) in just 5 seconds. But don't expect for a minute that those two reverse butterfly doors and futuristic the headlights as well as the very unusual interior design will make it to a potential production model. Still, it's interesting to see what the designers can do once ergonomy limits put aside...

Amazing seats lighting by night!