lamborghini,murcielago,JB design
Photo Credits: © J.B. CAR DESIGN

For nearly the price of a new BMW 3 series, German tuner JB Car Design offers the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 owners a set of performance and styling enhancements to transfrom their Raging Bull into what JB Car Design dubbed 'The Bat'.

lamborghini,murcielago,JB design

These enhancements include a complete body kit of which they will only make 70 units, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and 20 inch wheels. To increase the V12 performance, customers will have the choice between 710 Hp and 750 Hp engine upgrades. The interior as well benefits from some pretty tasty leather and carbon fiber treatment plus a new steering wheel and sound system.

All of the enhancements cited above can be purshased separately. More pictures are available in the gallery below.

[source: JB Car Design]
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