No matter how expansive the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is, many tuning companies could not resist bringing their own touch to the Italian supercar. This time it's Unicates turn to do the show. The Lamborghini LP640 Yeniceri (whatever that means) Edition is the real deal when it comes to matt black finish. The car is fitted with 20 inch wheels at the front and 21 inches an the back. Of course, the LP640 Yeniceri Edition could not escape the LED treatment..

The interior of the car also benefits from the Unicate team's attention with the use of carbon fiber design elements, a new steering wheel and a new sound system. Unlike the styling of the car, the performance upgrades are minor. Thanks to a new exhaust system, the raging bull now develops 651 Hp which doesn't sound like a lot compared to JB Car design's 'Bat' with its 710 Hp and 750 Hp upgrades but is powerful enough for it to belong to the three seconds club.

[source: Unicate via World Car Fans]
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