Image credits: Tesla

I have created this page for myself to be able to track the Tesla Model 3's production estimates, VIN registrations and international shipping activities in one place. then I though I'll just publish the page for everyone. I'll try to improve it over time.

Model 3 VIN registrations (follow Model3VINS on Twitter for more VIN related updates)

Model 3 Netherlands and Norway registrations

Bloomberg Model 3 production estimates (Full data and charts can be found at Bloomberg's tracker)

Vessels carrying Tesla Model 3's to international destinations:
Glovis Captain (Zeebrugge (Belgium) - Arrived)
Glovis Cosmos (Zeebrugge (Belgium) - Arrived)
Glovis Symphony (China - Arrived)
Grand Aurora (Zeebrugge (Belgium) - Arrived)
CSCC Europe (sailing - Europe)
Morning Cindy (sailing - China)
Emerald Ace (sailing - China)
Glovis Courage (sailing - Europe)
Golden Ray (sailing - China)
Grand Venus (San Francisco - loading)
Glovis Star (to be confirmed)

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