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Rhys Millen's Genesis PM580

This is one of the very first videos featuring Rhys Millen's Genesis PM580 which may i remind you shares nothing with the road going Huyndai Genesis but its 3.8L V6 which has been stroked out to 4.1L and thanks to two turbochargers now produces a scary 775 Hp. Not one of the highest power figures we've seen in the Pikes Peak before, even including this year with Tagima bringing a 900+ Hp Suzuki Monster just like he used to. But with a weight of 861 Kg (1900 pounds) and a Le Mans Prototype-like body things get a lot more interesting.

The Genesis PM580's light weight has been achieved thanks to a very compact carbon fiber body, which you will notice by yourself, is a little bit narrower than Race Prototypes. This is of course in order to reduce weight but also to help Rhys dive through the narrower sections of the Pikes Peak course. The chassis has been built from scratch to welcome the central mounted V6 and meet the handling requirements of this very demanding race. One last thing, the Twin turbocharged V6 makes an awesome noise!

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A little clarification about the autoclave and wind tunnel found on the Red Bull Racing factory


This actually is the Red Bull Racing factory autoclave
(and not a wind tunnel)

In my latest post, i was evoking the possibility that a wind tunnel could be integrated in Gran Turismo 5. It's obvious that i was being too optimistic. Nevertheless i still believe in such a wild idea, knowing that Kazunori Yamauchi the game's creator is always looking to reproduce every aspect of the racing world in the game. I don't have an idea about the proportions and the doability of such a project though.

The thing is, at a certain point of my post i was mentionning the presence of a wind tunnel in the video which was totally wrong because thanks to a very kind reader, now we know that the device featured in none other than the autoclave. So to avoid people's misinformation, i choose to write this clarification post.

An autoclave is basically a very big oven used during two stages of carbon fiber parts manufacturing: "de-bulk" and "cure".

- de-bulk: operated at lower temperatures, "which get the resin to the point where it flows and compacts the material down in the mould".
- cure: "The cure is the process during which the carbon-fibre acquires its strength and stiffness".

Statements by: Colin Watts, Composites Manager. [source: F1technical]

The more popular wind tunnel is used to improve and analyse the car's aerodynamic properties. You can watch these two videos to campare the two processes.

In this video: the Red Bull Racing's factory autoclave

In this video: the Red Bull Racing's factory wind tunnel

Goind back to Gran Turismo 5, i found this interesting statement in the Red Bull Racing site:

"In this version, gamers will get the chance drive the Nordschleife, try out the Top Gear test track and unlock a special car which... well, let's just say Adrian Newey is involved as is Sebastian Vettel and they both met the game's designer Kazunori Yamauchi in Milton Keynes earlier this year."

This really strengthens the possibility of integrating the Red Bull F1 car in the game.

Thanks for "Anonymous" and JvM from GTplanet. (or maybe the same person)

[source: Red Bull Racing]
Will it be possible to improve aerodynamics in a wind tunnel on Gran Trusimo 5?


The latest video released by Polyphony Digital in the 2010 edition of the E3 show, that you can watch again below, shows us a great number of new features that will be included in Gran Turismo 5 like damage rendering, night racing, day/night transition during races, the Top Gear test track and the Stig, perfectly modeled cars interiors, more than astonishing graphics and... the Red Bull Technology Center.

Now here's the bit that's very much less talked about: What does Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel do in this trailer which usually only shows in game footage. Now here's my theory (that you can also throw against the wall and pass your way):

At 1:52 we hear Sebastian Vettel saying "...easily reach 400 Km/h..." (or something like that) then we see Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing's Technical Cheaf and an expert in aerodynamics and aeronautics explaining what must be something really technical to Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the GT series who seems really focused. Then we see a wind tunnel gate being closed then transformed into a perfectly modeled virtual one, with something laying the other side. Was it the Red Bull F1 car? Was Sebastian mentionning the maximum air flow speed through the wind tunnel? Will it be possible for us players to improve the cars' aerodynamics in a virtual wind tunnel? Design our own F1 cars? Kazunori Yamauchi already said that the final game is totally worth all this waiting, but will it be that good!

Okay, maybe i'm going too far with this... I'm wainting for your contributions!

EDIT: The device featured in the first picture of this post is actually an autoclave. Head on to this link for more clarifications.

Rhys Millen's weapon to enter the Pikes Peak History in the flesh by Autoblog

Photo by Drew Phillips

The legendary pikes Peak Hill Climb has always been one of my favourite rallying events of year. It's a challenge that both construtors and drivers love to take. The Pikes Peak's course is one of the most challenging, with a constantly changing weather and a very demanding track in terms of driving and car performance.

Rod Millen, now 58, held for 13 years the record of 10:04:06 set in a Toyota Celica in 1994 until Tagima "Monster" beat him by 3 seconds in his Suzuki XL7 in 2007. Today his son Rhys, with already the two wheel drive class record from the 2009 edition under his belt, decides to take on the unlimited class challenge with the ambition of being the first in the Pikes Peak Hill Climb History to go under 10 minutes and bring back the record the Millen family.

While the car's name is Genesis PM580, it doesn't share any body part with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe exept maybe the 3.8 L V6. The body is fully built from carbon fiber and the car looks more like a Le Mans racer than the hill climbers we used to see over the past years. The car features a massive rear wing placed very low compared to the giant rear wings that we used to see on the Pikes Peak unlimited class competitors. To read a fully detailed report that includes every little detail on this very particular rallying beast, head on to Autoblog.

Last year Ford introduced its factory backed 800+ Hp Pikes Peak Spec Fiesta with Professinal WRC driver Marcus Grönholm on the wheels to take on the challenge. However, they failed to win the event beaten by the unstoppable Tagima who failed to match his 2007 record. This year, we have new contenders, new ambitions and new beasts. So let's see if Rhys Millen will live up to his reputation of favourite in this year's race.

Here's the footage of the two wheel drive class record run by Rhys Millen in the 2009 edition:

[photo: Drew Phillips for Autoblog]
The 2011 Subaru Impreza STI's Hot Lap on The Ring

2011 subaru impreza WRX STI

If you still haven't seen it yet, here's an HD version of the STI Impreza WRX's lap in the hands of four times WRC champion Tommy Mäkinen. The more conventional four door version tuned by STi managed to lap the Nürburgring Nordschleife in 7min 55 seconds. Impressive for a 305 Hp machine. But again, power isn't anything in the Green Hell, the better balanced sedan body as well as some slight enhancements made for the occasion (and also a four times world champion) sure helped to achieve this good performance.

You can watch Tommy Mäkinen handle the six speed manual gear box and hear the 2.5 L boxer screaming right below. (If you want more Nordschleife action go here)

2011 subaru impreza WRX STI

[source: Subaru]
Gran Turismo 5 reveals its self a little bit more, exeeds expectations

Dodge Challenger GT5

First of all you need to know that the orange Dodge Challenger you're seing in the picture above is not real (or is it?), it's a snapshot from the much anticipated Gran Turismo 5 driving simulator (what video game?) by Polyphony Digital.

Apparently the game is now confirmed for November the 2nd 2010 but don't take it too much for granted as we all know the previous titles had too much delays after the official release dates were published. But you're not gonna complain about that anymore once you've watched the video below. In fact, the more we get to see new features about GT5, the more we wonder about what we still haven't seen yet and i can assure you there's a lot more... Like the mysterious wind tunnel that's been making short appearences in the latest GT5 trailers. Stay tuned!

However let's have a look at the new stuff. Night racing is confirmed once again but this time we have the chance to see some night rallying, a total success. We also learn from this video that the Stig him self will be represented in GT5. We've also seen a great implication from the Red Bull F1 Team members Sebastian Vettel and Adrian Newey, what are they preparing for us? only time will tell. There's a lot more in the video below, enjoy and be patient!

UPDATE: This one might suit your taste too.

The Ready To Rock! Mustang package is available

Remember that Mustang RTR project car presented by Vaughn Gittin Jr. at the SEMA show? You wanted one right? Well now it's no longer a project car and the conversion package is available for the big public. Apart from the very distincive look that the RTR has, further modifications include several Ford Racing elements like the Falken FK-452 tires, FR handling pack and mufflers.

For those of you who don't know, Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a Fomula Drift Championship driver, so don't expect his car to be only a straight line beast! No pricing nor performance figures have been released but judging by the pictures, this Mustang is really Ready To Rock!

Mustang RTR from Mustang RTR on Vimeo.

Now here's the ohter half of the story. Since the RTR was a huge success, there has been a full carbon fiber version named the RTR-C that can find here. The best part is, Vaughn Gittin Jr. is now working on a more old school version named the RTR-X and you have an idea about the final appearence and livery by the 3D rendering below. You can follow the full story until the SEMA show unveiling in Novemeber on SpeedHunters.

Photo: SpeedHunters
Hennessey Performance Releases Pictures of the First Production Venom GT

Hennessey Performance has released pictures of the first production version of its lightweight Venom GT supercar. As a reminder, the Venom GT weights 1,071 Kg and uses the 6.2L LS9 V8 from the Corvette ZR1. The "base model" delivers 725 Hp while Hennessey 1,000 Hp and 1,200 Hp versions are also planned. You can find my full article about the Venom GT here.

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Honda Integra Turbo 2000 GSR

I'm always looking for great videos around the internet that capture the beauty of some great classics like this JDM Honda Integra Turbo 2000 GSR prepared by Honda's respected in house tuner Mugen. And it happens that some guys just do that. So ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, this is the work of Mr Anton Nagata featuring the Integra GSR, enjoy!

Tom Akigami's Turbo 2000 Integra GSR from Anton Ngata on Vimeo.

[source: vimeo]
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photo credits: xqsme photography

If you think road car derived track cars are too heavy and oversized, the DP4 is surely going to catch your attention: what about a 363 Kg (800 pounds) track beast powered by motorcycle engine (no reverse) that goes from 175 Hp to 200 hp. Want more? In All Wheel Drive configuration the car can handle a more powerful turbocharged engine that produces up to 300 Hp. That should be enough. Still not convinced? Watch the video below.

When it comes to safety, Palatov Motorsport says that despite the small size of the car, it offers a very high level of safety and the driver's feet are entirely behind the front wheels.

[source: Palatov Motorsport]
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Lexus has released a new commercial showing its already sold out Lexus LFA supercar shattering a champagne glass using its exhaust note. The commercial shows the 552 Hp V10 supercar mounted on a dynamometer in a sound absorbing environment and accelerating until the engine revs to 7,000 - 9,000 rpm to generate the "magic note".


The Lexus LFA's exhaust generates the correct note that matches the resonance frequency of a thin, pure, crystal glass. This can push the limits of the vibrations of the glass until the stress becomes too great, and the crystal shatters. The shattering also depends highly on the shape of the glass as well as its thickness and pureness. (ehow)

If that explanation was too boring for you, the video is worth a million words.

[source: Lexus]
The two Marussia's looking for action at Paul Ricard

Photo credits:Sevan Calians

The first Russian sports car manufacter Marussia took his two stunning models, the Zondaesque looking B1 and the amazing B2, to the the Paul Ricard circuit (officially named PAUL RICARD HTTT) to allow some of its clients to test the car abilities round the track. And for the occasion, they also released these fantastic shots taken by photographer Sevan Calians.

The Marussia's are equipped with the same 3.5L naturally aspirated V6 that produces 300 Hp. That's not a huge amount of power but the 1100 Kg (2425 pounds) weight should help the cars do the 0 to 100 Km/h (62 mph) sprint in 5 seconds and have a top speed that exceeds 250 Km/h (155 mph).

[source: Autogespot]
American muscle: 1979 Corvette coupe


I noticed that i rarely feature Amerian muscle cars in this site. That's why i thought this 79' Corvette C3 would be more than suitable to get in the heart of the topic.

This clip is a bit different from what i've been posting before, there's no focusing on the details of the car or the engine sound. It's just about driving in a straight road in your 79' Corvette (if you're lucky to have one) at a moderate speed and enjoying your ride. It's about freedom, and in this case freedom does have a price.

The 1979 Corvette C3 is powered by an L-82 V8 unit that develops 220 Hp and it weights 1,600 kg (3,520 lb). What makes the 79' Corvette so special is that it holds the record of the most popular Corvette of its time with 53,807 Covettes produced that year, a record that stands to this day.

´79 Corvette Coupe from Sergio M on Vimeo.

[source: vimeo]