Rhys Millen's Genesis PM580

This is one of the very first videos featuring Rhys Millen's Genesis PM580 which may i remind you shares nothing with the road going Huyndai Genesis but its 3.8L V6 which has been stroked out to 4.1L and thanks to two turbochargers now produces a scary 775 Hp. Not one of the highest power figures we've seen in the Pikes Peak before, even including this year with Tagima bringing a 900+ Hp Suzuki Monster just like he used to. But with a weight of 861 Kg (1900 pounds) and a Le Mans Prototype-like body things get a lot more interesting.

The Genesis PM580's light weight has been achieved thanks to a very compact carbon fiber body, which you will notice by yourself, is a little bit narrower than Race Prototypes. This is of course in order to reduce weight but also to help Rhys dive through the narrower sections of the Pikes Peak course. The chassis has been built from scratch to welcome the central mounted V6 and meet the handling requirements of this very demanding race. One last thing, the Twin turbocharged V6 makes an awesome noise!

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