The latest video released by Polyphony Digital in the 2010 edition of the E3 show, that you can watch again below, shows us a great number of new features that will be included in Gran Turismo 5 like damage rendering, night racing, day/night transition during races, the Top Gear test track and the Stig, perfectly modeled cars interiors, more than astonishing graphics and... the Red Bull Technology Center.

Now here's the bit that's very much less talked about: What does Adrian Newey and Sebastian Vettel do in this trailer which usually only shows in game footage. Now here's my theory (that you can also throw against the wall and pass your way):

At 1:52 we hear Sebastian Vettel saying "...easily reach 400 Km/h..." (or something like that) then we see Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing's Technical Cheaf and an expert in aerodynamics and aeronautics explaining what must be something really technical to Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the GT series who seems really focused. Then we see a wind tunnel gate being closed then transformed into a perfectly modeled virtual one, with something laying the other side. Was it the Red Bull F1 car? Was Sebastian mentionning the maximum air flow speed through the wind tunnel? Will it be possible for us players to improve the cars' aerodynamics in a virtual wind tunnel? Design our own F1 cars? Kazunori Yamauchi already said that the final game is totally worth all this waiting, but will it be that good!

Okay, maybe i'm going too far with this... I'm wainting for your contributions!

EDIT: The device featured in the first picture of this post is actually an autoclave. Head on to this link for more clarifications.

[pictures: gran-turismo.com]
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