What you are looking at here is the Quen St. BMW Drag Car, an M3 based dragster powered by a four rotor engine coming from Mazda with a total output of 1664 Hp. And in case you were wondering, every naked metal piece in this car is 23 carat gold-plated. More surprisingly, this car isn't only meant for show. After spending the rest of its first year making a national tour of car shows, the Queen St. Racing Team is planning to race with this beast with the ambition of making it break its predecessor's record of 7.2 seconds @ 315 Km/h (196 mph)..

.. I really do not wish to see this happening to it:

On-board footage of dragster crash from Mark Stockbridge on Vimeo.

To read the full story of this amazing drag car and watch an incredible set of pictures of it taken by Casey Dhnaram (including the one above) head on to the Speed Hunters.

[source: The Speed Hunters]
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