Reviving the name of a legend like the Audi Quattro rally car isn't an easy task, even for an automaker like Audi. Nevertheless, Audi impressed the fools and won the hearts of the original Quattro's enthusiasts by unveiling its modern interpretation of a car that once made the glory of the marque. And the question that every one is asking is: will they they actually make it? And now that there's even a video of the car running, there is even more speculations and even more questions.

Under the bonnet lies an inline five cylinder turbocharged engine good for 408 Hp mounted to a 6 speed manual gearbox delivering that power the four wheels with a slightly biased setup of 40:60 in favour of the rear axle.

The styling of the concept car features several Audi key design element slike the LED treatment and the famous huge front grille. However it has its own personaly with more angular elements like the head and rear lights as well as the front grille.

The new Audi Quattro Concept car comes with the same philosophy as the original which means a small turbocharged engine and lightweight. This leaves us wondering if it would have similar motorsport plans. And i'm pretty sure a lot of Pikes Peak Hillclimb fanatics like my self are already having crazy thoughts about a new Quattro making it to the 14,000 ft top of the mountain.. Let's wait and see!

Photo Credits: World Car Fans

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