I have a huge respect for this kind of projects because sometimes they give birth to cars that usually never quit the drawing board or get dropped before even making it to production if they were handled by big constructors. Someone was apparently so upset about the Ford GT90 not making it to production that he decided to take things in hand and build his own replica of the supercar... in his own garage. His name is Adam Pintek, he is a conceptual artist working at NVIDIA and he has a big passion for supercars. Keep reading for more details about his creation...

Adam's replica of the GT90 is a lightweight version (only 2800 pounds) powered by a 6.2L twin-turbo V8 producing 1,000hp. If these numbers are correct, that would make a power to weight ratio of 787 Hp per ton! What's more interesting is that this beautiful white body won't be all show no go. In fact it's a very ambitious project as our friend wants to see his supercar outdo cars like the Veyron and the Koenigseggs. It's still an ongoing project but it might be worth your attention as Adam doesn't seem to be doing things by half. Expect him!

You can check out NVIdia's blog to read the original story with Adams own words and stay tuned for more about his ambitious project.

[Source: NVidia Blog]
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