Croatian EV company Rimac has unveiled the second generation of their high performance electric supercar. While on the outside the design looks like an evolution of the first generation, the power train promises previously unprecedented performance, second gen Tesla Roadster included:

- power comes from four electric motors with a total output of 1,914 hp and 1,696 pound-feet of torque.
- 0 to 60 mph (98 km/h) in 1.85 seconds
- top speed of 258 mph (415 mph)
- quarter mile time: 9.1 seconds
- 120-kWh battery pack with a promised range of 404 miles (650 km)
- it is able to recharge up to 80 percent of its capacity in under 30 minutes thanks to the 250-kW charging
- active aerodynamics elements: including front and rear diffusers, hood vents, rear wing, and underbody air intakes
- equipped with sensors that would eventually allow for Level 4 autonomous driving: eight cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, 2 lidars and six radar units

Let the electric hypercar war begin!

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