We've already featured the first tuning package for the Ferrari F12 by Novitec Rosso. But at that time, it was before the N-LARGO bodykit for the F12 was designed, so the package only included performance upgrades and new wheels.

With the new N-LARGO kit, things got more interesting. The new carbon fiber wide body kit includes everything from new front and rear bumpers to side skirts, extended wheel arches and rear spoiler. The front hood has also been elegantly modified without compromising the original down force generation system.

Performance upgrades include an optimized ECU and a sports exhaust system that will push the maximum out put to 781 Hp and 722 Nm of torque. Thanks to the new engine tweaks, the F12 Berlinetta gained 10 km/h in top speed compared to the original 340 Km/h of the standard car.

Now between the DMC SPIA and this, the choice is hard to make. Check out the mega photo gallery after the jump and tell us what you think!

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