The Ferrari F12 has been on the market for a while now and some tuning companies have already started to see what they can offer for Ferrari's most powerful road going supercar. So what can we expect from a tuned version of a machine that already boasts a whopping 740 Hp? Here's Novitec Rosso's answer, a 763 Hp version with 703 Nm of torque. A slight increase of 23 Hp (and 13 Nm) that will allow the Berlinetta to have an additional 5 Km/h in top speed for a total of 345 Km/h (214.5 mph).

Since the Italian supercar already features a very advanced aerodynamic kit, the German specialist kept things as they are in its first attempt to modify the F12 Berlinetta. But a new aerodynamic kit as well as additional engine tweaks are under development for the Italian beauty.

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