You can tell by the huge bump on this M3's bonnet that it hides something bigger than the standard naturally aspirated V8. In fact, the MH3 V8 R Biturbo as its name suggests, is powered by the 4.4-Liter tiwn-turbo V8 from the BMW X6 M. The engine has been tuned to produce 655 Hp thanks to a reprogrammed ECU as well as an Akrapovic Evolution Titanium exhaust system. The result is one of the fastest convertibles with a top speed of 320 Km/h (200 mph).

It's not only the engine that the MH3 V8 R Biturbo Convertible borrows from the X6 M, it also has the same six-speed sports automatic transmission and the same brake discs.

When it comes to styling, the car features several carbon fiber elements including front bumper panels, side mirrors and the rear diffuser. It also has a modified front bonnet with a bigger bump and additional air intakes compared to the standard M3. More pictures of the beast in the gallery below.

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