Hennessey Performance is preparing a replacement for a new version of the Venom GT dubbed GT2 that will be offered alongside the original GT. The new version produces as much as 1,500 Hp! Motivation still comes from a twin-turbocharged 7.0-Liter V8 sending power to the rear wheels through a 6-speed Ricardo manual gearbox (a new 7-speed paddle shift transmission will be available as an option for an extra $165k). Thanks to its weight of just 1,200 Kg, the Venom GT2 will have a power to weight ratio superior to 1 Hp/Kg.

The original Venom GT is said to be able to complete the 0 to 100 Km/h (62 mph) sprint in 2.2 seconds with a top speed of 272 mph (440 km/h). However none of those numbers was officially confirmed..

Besides the massive power boost, the new Venom GT2 will benefit from a redesigned front fascia in which the Elise headlights were ditched in favor of newly designed more angular ones. Another noticeable design element is the "double-bubble" shaped roof which is said to offer more headroom.

The Venom GT2 will carry a price tag of $1.25 million. More renderings of the hyper-fast supercar in the gallery below.

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