The Hennessey Venom GT is a pretty unusual car. It's a 900,000 $ stretched Lotus Elise with a Ford gearbox and a turbocharged Chevrolet V8. But you have to digg a little deeper to justify that price. The engine used in this car is the turbocharged LS9 coming from the Corvette ZR1 and now it's packing out more than 1,200 hp. The gearbox is coming from the Ford GT supercar which according to John Hennessey is pretty much qualified to handle power figures surpassing the 1,000 Hp bar. But that's not all, this car is all about lightweight with just 1,071 Kg (2,361 punds). The result is a supercar that is nearly half the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport's weight but that has the same amount of power. This may lead to some serious performance figures and a mindblowing top speed. You can watch some track footage of the car as well as an interview with John Hennessey in the video below.

[source: Jay Leno's Garage]
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