The FIA has finally unveiled its plans of launching a championship for electric Formula cars. As you can see in the picture above, the development of the first prototype has reached very advanced stages and the series will become a reality as soon as 2014.

There's a reason why I totally support this series: Now that the FIA has its own electric Formula championship, it might stop them from trying to make Formula One greener and more efficient. In that case, F1 remains the pinnacle of motorsports but we also have an experimental series that will serve as a laboratory for future road going cars and will help electric car companies to get involved in racing and get more exposure! Besides, the FIA says that the sport will be involving big names and that it hopes that constructors like Mercedes will be seduced by the Formula and join the championship at a later stage.

The new series will start in 2014 and races will be mainly held in street courses like Rio de Janeiro, and some other world leading cities. Pirelli tester and former Virgin F1 driver Lucas Di Grassi will be directly involved in the development and the testing of the new electric one-seater. The new electric beasts are expected to reach speeds of 220km/h, and instead of the conventional pitstops, drivers will have to switch cars during mid-race when the batteries run out of electrons after nearly 25 minutes.

Drivers will be switching cars mid-race? I wanna be watching that!

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