Electric cars, They say it's the Future...

eRuf electric Porsche 911 Concept

Electric motors are a great invention, they are very small comapred to combustion engines, they can produce huge amounts of torque at very low speeds, they aren't so noisy, they made our every day life easier, they are everywhere, from the gigantic power stations to the tiny DVD player in your laptop. They are magic.

Electric cars... they say it's future.. But there is only one problem with them, they need electricity to run. And in order to produce electricity for hundreds of millions of electric vehicles around the planet we need hundreds of huge gas powered turbines or nuclear reactors that cause more harm than good to this planet. To store electricity for hundreds of millions of electric cars we need batteries, very heavy and expensive ones. Batteries that are made from rare earth, they are costly to produce and they last only for one decade or two. They are toxic and you can't throw them anywhere.

Electric cars... they say it's the future... Maybe. But not in the way they are produced today. Let's take this electric Porsche 911 made by RUF as an exemple. Let's start by looking at the full half of the glass. It is powered by a three Phase induction motor that produces 150 Kw (204 hp) and 616 Newton Meters (455 ib/ft) of torque. More importantly, this huge amount of torque is available at unbelievably low speeds. That's exactly where electric motors shine compared to combustion engines. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds and it has a top speed of 160 mph, great! It is also capable of running 200 miles on a single charge! All this without emitting a single gram of CO2 (No, wait...).

Now this all sounds perfect! Once again, we put aside the environmental catastrophy that would be caused by hundreds of millions of people owning a car similar to this electric RUF and think about it from a driver's point of view. While a flat six powered 911 weights 1420 Kg, this baby is nearly 500 Kg heavier, thanks to all the batteries that are placed both at the front and at the rear of the car. To fully charge the batteries, the two ton sports car needs to stay still and pump electricity for 10 hours before it can go again for a 200 miles journey... if you don't drive it like a sports car. All this for a car that costs as much as five Golf GTIs.

Even if the world is not ready for fully electric cars. Cars like the Tesla Roadster and the eRUF are a great beginning. You can see them as moving laboratories, but they are far from being the solution.
BMW M3 DTM Revealed in Official M colors

Photo credits: BMW Blog

Finally, we get to see the 2012 BMW M3 DTM race car in the official BMW M livery, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! BMW will be competing in the champioship with six cars, two for each of the following teams: BMW Team Schnitzer, BMW Team RBM and BMW Team RMG.

[Source: BMW Blog]
Watch a Lap of Catalunya from an F1 driver's Perspective

From my little experience with Formula Renault race cars, the wheels seem to be a little bit too far in this on board video compared to real life. But this is the closest view to what a real F1 driver would see thanks to the first eye-level camera in Formula 1 installed in Pirelli's test driver, Luca di Grassi's helmet. If we have some people here who drove F1 cars before, let us know what you think about the video.
The 2012 BMW 3-series is now among us!

Ladies and gentlemen, the replacement for BMW's best seller is now among us. Maybe the BMW 1 series with its angry bird face made more than one opinion inside Bimmer fans. But with the 3 series, the Bayerisch automaker had to do things right (we're talking about styling here). Now let's face it: BMWs are becoming bigger and bigger, but in this particular case, the new BMW 3-series has also become lighter. So it can only be a good thing, knowing that BMWs will always be terrific to drive.

Random Picture: Naked <span style="font-family: arial;"><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 150, 200);">/</span><span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(0, 40, 255); ">/</span><span style=" font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0); ">/</span>M</span> Power

This is the BMW X6M's twin-turbo V8 engine completely naked, in all its glory, without the engine block. These M Power blessed elements altogether produce an astonishing 555 Hp. The same engine was used to power the latest BMW M5 F10. That makes it go from 0 to 100 Km/h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 190 mph. To see what type monster the M5 has become thanks to this beautiful piece of engineering, click past the jump to watch it being driven by Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar.
Pick of the Day: Mercer-Cobra

This classy roadster is based on the original Shelby Cobra chassis. It was designed to promote the American Copper Development Association, Virgil Exner. Its name is "Mercer Cobra" and it was built in 1963 by Sibona-Basno in Torino, Italy. This very unique showcar also distinguishes its self by the extensive use of decorative copper which includes the dashboard, center console, door panels, rims, side exhausts, seat backs front grille, and its very particular pop-up headlights. This might not suit everyone's taste but this car has a purpose and it features some very modern design elements compared to its time. Besides it is still powered by the original Cobra's V8. That means it's fast and it makes a good noise too.

Source: supercars.net
Good Morning

Photo credits: Kevin McCauley

Here's your daily dose of timeless design, thanks to the talents of Kevin McCauley. You might prefer a wide screen version, so you can use it as a desktop wallpaper, but i believe the photographer chose these settings for a very specific reason. I love it!
Man building a 1000-Hp ford GT90 Replica in his Own Garage

I have a huge respect for this kind of projects because sometimes they give birth to cars that usually never quit the drawing board or get dropped before even making it to production if they were handled by big constructors. Someone was apparently so upset about the Ford GT90 not making it to production that he decided to take things in hand and build his own replica of the supercar... in his own garage. His name is Adam Pintek, he is a conceptual artist working at NVIDIA and he has a big passion for supercars. Keep reading for more details about his creation...
Recently Auctioned: 1969 Bertone BMW Spicup Concept

This beautiful one of a kind cooperation between Bertone and BMW goes back to 1969. It's called the Spicup concept car and it's powered by a 2.5-Liter inline-six. Even tough it was a concept car, it was actually driven on a regular basis by its first owner. And very recently, this beautiful green one-off was up for grabs in an auction at the POWER by BMW event and has been sold for nearly $600k. It was opportnity for the public to contemplate the beauty of this very rare machine and you can do the same by checking the beautiful high res gallery below that has been released for the occasion.

VIDEO: the BAC Mono Driven By Autocar

Photo credits: Autocar

Autocar describes the BAC Mono as the first car they've tested that really produces the single-seater experience on the public road. And i think it's also one of the most beautiful ones. Check ou the video after the jump to see the car being reviewed by Steve Sutcliffe and leave your impressions in the comment section.