This concept car doesn't even sit on its own "wheels" but it's still a nice thing to look at and a great vision of the future of transportation by Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios in Carlsbad, California. To best describe the concept of this car i'm going to use the words of Mr Hubert Lee, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios:

“As the inventor of the motor car, we wanted to illustrate the vision of the perfect vehicle of the future, which is created and functions in complete symbiosis with nature. The Mercedes-Benz BIOME is a natural technology hybrid, and forms part of our earth’s ecosystem. It grows and thrives like the leaves on a tree”

While the concept exists as 1:1 model, its ambitions belong to another planet. The Biome concept is a totally recyclable 2+2 compact car weighing only 454 Kg (1000 pounds) and emitting nothing but Oxygen... I doubt the future will be this bright.

[source: Mercedes-benz Blog]
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