At first glance, it looks like a nice custom built muscle car with a homogenious combination of classic and modern design elements except for the weird quadruple headlights. Then you notice the Ferrari badge and things get complicated. You start wondering what's really hiding under that red skin. Well, wonder no more, the donor body is that of a Ferrari 456 that the author of this car transformed into a sort of hommage to the classic Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta. The design is still made of pixels but there's a good chance it will take shape in real life as a one-off. You may not be convinced by the whole concept but under the bonnet, there is a naturally aspirated Ferrari V12 mounted to a proper 6-speed manual transmission... For me, this custom built Muscle Car would be an exellent creation if it wasn't carrying the prancing horse badge. It may have the soul of a Ferrari but it doesnt' look like a Ferrari enough.

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