Some people, and i'm not one of them, think that exept the Gullwing doors, the AMG SLS is a discrete looking car, until of course it unleashes its 571 Hp. I'm not really sure that's correct, however BRABUS wanted to make sure that its interpretation of the SLS is a head turner. So they focused on making it a wider car. Instead of widening the front wheel arches and the rear quater panels for more muscular look, the german tuner's take on the SLS was to expand the same treatment to the whole side of the car. In fact, the changes brought to Mercedes-Benz Sports car are more cosmetic than performance related. Power upgrades are minor with an extra 10 Hp thanks to a new exhaust system. To be honest, i'm not really convinced with this new front facia nor with the wider body but i'd wait to see it in the flesh to have a final verdict.

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