peugeot SR1 concept-02

I'm going to start by a look back to a particular Peugeot model: the Peugeot 406 coupé.

If the nearly thirteen years old car looked (and still looks) good, it's mainly because it didn't have those huge headlights that have been dramatically growing up since the xx7 Peugeot models (as you can see in the 907 concept pictured below). And that of course is in a big part thanks to the Pininfarina designers.

But apparently things are going to change with the new SR1 concept which is due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next march.

Despite the fact that at first sight the concept looks slightly like the baby Aston especially with the front grille shape, it still can be described as a success. It also has some original features like the very discret projectors in the front bumper. However, it's the same kind of détails that quickly disappear in the production versions...

peugeot SR1 concept-04

From a technical point of view, the concept is a hybrid that has a 1.6 L THP engine delivering 218 hp working with a rear mounted elctric motor to deliver a total of 313 hp with a fuel consumption of 5L/100km (48 MPG US mileage) and CO2 emmission of "just" 119 grams/kilometer. Very impressive numbers! but how close are they to reality?

peugeot SR1 concept-06

The SR1 announces the design langage and incorporated technology of the upcoming Peugeot range of vehicules, it seems like the future is looking bright for the french automaker...

peugeot SR1 concept-03

A tibular chassis is used to keep the weight of the car down due to the extra electric motor and the battery on board.

peugeot SR1 concept-05

The interior looks very futuristic just like all the previous Peugeot concept cars.

peugeot SR1 concept-01

peugeot 907 concept


New video released by Peugeot:

Peugeot SR1 from stéphane leloutre on Vimeo.

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