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This surely has been today's biggest news in the automotive world.. Now before i say anything else, i just want you to look at the picture above and contemplate what must be in my opinion the most attractive Aston Martin ever made.

With that done, we can now move on and talk about the figures. The new Aston Martin ultra exclusive hyper car managed to reach 354 km/h (220 mph) during its testing on a secret test facility somewhere near your house but you missed it. Well, the car enthusiast in me is telling me that it's an astonishing performance and it surely is. But the other, more objective boring me tells me that it's not really a big deal and here's why: this is a 2 Million dollars hypercar powered by a 700 hp plus 7.3L V12 that's been under developement for several years and it's already beaten by a car that's worth the sixth of its price, the Noble M600. But on the other hand, Noble is no Aston Martin...

But that's not bothering me as much as the 1500 kg (3300 pounds) curb weight. A car worth all that money, has to benefit from the lightest most expensive materials! And if it has, why all that extra weight? In fact I am so concerned about this wave of heavyweight supercars that i am writing a whole post about it. So stay tuned.

I will end up by saying it's too early to judge the capabilities of such a car. And no matter how much critical i was about it, i still think it's one of the most beautiful cars that Aston ever made. I even think it will find its place in the very exlusive list of my favourite supercars of all time, oh yes! So until we'll be able to see it perform on a track, all we can do is look how beautiful it is in matte grey:

One-77 01

One-77 03

Aston-Martin One-77 at the 2009 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este from Peter Orosz on Vimeo.

Talk to you soon, and don't forget to come here more often!
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