A few years ago, we posted about this crazy Ferrari V8 powered Fiat 500 project By Lazzarini Design. While we don't know if the "550 Italia" made to reality, the guys at Oemmedi Meccanica came up with this hand crafted Fiat 500 with a Lamborghini Murciélago V12 producing 580 Hp. You've heard it. But there's nothing left of the donor Fiat 500 to be honest, granted the wheelbase of 2220mm is a lot shorter than the Murciélago's 2,665 mm but trust me, this thing is more Lambo than Fiat. It even kept the original four wheel drive system from the Murciéloago!

You can read the full story and find more amazing pictures of this beast at the Speed Hunters. Video after the jump.

[Source: Oemmedi Meccanica]
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