I always try not to spoil the race for the readers but this time I couldn't resist to post Vettel's celebratory burnouts at the Yas Marina Circuit. I bet so many people (including my self) will change their opinion about the arrogant champion once they've seen this.

Last week Vettel was fined $25,000 at the Indian Gran Prix after infringing the Parc Fermé rules and not bringing the car back to the garage and instead celebrating his 4th title in a row by burning some rubber on the track for the amusement of the fans (isn't that what F1 is all about?). But that didn't stop him from celebrating his well earned victory in Abu Dhabi yesterday in the same exact costly way.

So the guy who we thought was taking all the fun out of F1 might be the same guy who is bringing back some fun to it.

video after the jump.

Photo credits: Red Bull Racing
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