Introduced in the beginning of this month at the SEMA show, the FR-S Concept by Bulletproof Automotive is the perfect example of how versatile the Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86) can be. The Concept One is simply a race car for the road. Its turbocharged engine was tuned to produce as much as 500 Hp while some drastic weight saving measures were taken to bring the weight down to just 1,360 kilograms (3000 pounds)!

The car features an extensive list of high quality parts coming from different suppliers like the VARIS Wide Body Kit ($5,995), the Amuse R1 Titan Extra STTI Exhausts ($3,595) and the Amuse Hi Tech-Damper Kit ($4,450). The result is a truly outstanding car with a supercar-like power to weight ratio. More pictures in the gallery below.

[Source: Bulletproof Automotive]
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