When Gran Turismo 5 first came out, fans had the chance to get their hands on the Red Bull X2010 model designed Adrian Newey him self. The X2010 (later updated to X2011 through a DLC) was Newey's idea of an F1 car without boundaries. It featured a closed cockpit, ground effect technology with a rear mounted fan that sucked the air beneath the car for more down force and a twin turbo V6 producing more than 1,500 Hp. It was a unique experience to drive the car in the game. It was also a unique feeling to know that a similar car can actually exist in reality.

But that was just the beginning a beautiful adventure. With the upcoming GT6, the concept of getting racing teams and auto makers getting involved in designing their own cars for the game has been pushed even further. And that gave birth to the Vision Gran Turismo Project that came to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the game. The idea was to get auto makers to imagine their own concept cars for the Gran Turismo game and making them available for the players through regular downloadable content. The First Vision Gran Turismo is a Mercedes-Benz AMG model and this is how it looks:

So now let's speak technology and performance. Because in a simulation as realistic as Gran Turismo, the figures actually count. The AMG Vision GT is a super sports car powered by a twin-turbo V8 that produces 585 Hp and 800 Nm. Its spaceframe body is made from aluminum and weights just 1,385 Kilograms. It also features AMG's high performance composite brake system and a sport exhaust system with eight tailpipes for a very unique racing sound experience!

To make things clear, a 1:1 model exists (just like theRed Bull X2010) and it will be shown for the first time next Tuesday at the new Mercedes-Benz Rerearsh & Development Center in Sunnyvale (USA) and also at the LA Motor Show.

[News source: mbblog.de]
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