Lexus brought an amazing selection of nine tuning projects mostly based on the IS model to the SEMA show. First, the wide body IS 250 F SPORT by Paul Tolson and Gabriel Escobedo easily recognizable thanks to its Glasurit Orange Mercury finish and Works Emotion CR Kiwami alloy wheels. Then we have Philip Chase's 700 Hp supercharged IS 340, the all-wheel drive Gordon Ting IS AWD with the TRD body kit and the Seibon Carbon IS 350 F SPORT which features a carbon fiber body with A’PEXi SPL suspension and rides on 20-inch Volk Racing G27 wheels.

Also part the selection is Robert Evans' IS built by VIP Auto Salon, winner of the IS design challenge. Wheel maker Vossen also will be bringing another project showcasing its 20 inch direction wheels. Vossen's IS 350 F SPORT is also equipped with a Tommy Kaira body kit.

More pictures of these amazing machines in the gallery below.

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