Okay, do we have some electric cars/hybrid cars experts here?

Ferrari said that they will never make hybrid cars that run on electric-only mode (like a Toyota Prius). But this video seems to be a proof that they actually did. Look and listen carefully at 2:24, the LaFerrari (My God this thing is gorgeous!) leaving the Ferrari factory in Maranello seems too quiet for a V12 powered car..

Is it just rolling or is it using its High-KERS system's electric motor? Besides why would the test driver start the engine on a rolling car? Afraid to wake up someone inside?

As an embedded software programmer my self, I think that this feature in only software dependent.. So why would Ferrari remove that from the production version if the prototypes in the video were proved to be really running on electric only mode?

..Or did they just change their mind in the last minute since the production of the car didn't start just yet? Have a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

PS: Those side mirrors are the sex.
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