Porsche spent too much time developing its hybrid 918 supercar that the originally announced 700 Hp combined output is no longer as impressive as it was. And with the new hypercars from Ferrari and McLaren developing a combined output exceeding 900 Hp, it was time for the German sports car maker to make a riposte, which it did.

So don't you go and think that the Zuffenhausen engineers remained watching their Italian and British competitors with their arms crossed, they actually kept improving their hypbrid supercar and now the rumored output is set to exceed 875 Hp! That would fix things up and make the Porsche 918 a direct competitor to the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari.

Next thing for the three supercars makers: prepare LMP1 efforts for Le Mans based on their three hypercars. Porsche is already preparing its self for 2014. Your turn Ferrari and McLaren.. Let the battle begin!
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