For those of you who ignore it, Lamborghini's tractor division, or Lamborghini Trattori, never actually stopped producing tractors. But one thing is sure, that won't compromise the Sant'Agata based supercar maker's image since they actually started their business as tractor makers. Of course, there's a long story behind Lamborghini's passage from a tractor maker to a dream car maker, but that's a long story that deserves its own article.

So here we are, Lamborghini's latest tractor is called the Nitro and we have to say that it looks pretty stylish for a tractor, especially with the double LED tail lights. Of course, don't expect the Nitro to share its power plant with Lamborghini's regular models like the Gallardo and the Aventador. The Nitro Tractor is powered by a four-cylinder Deutz Tier 4i engine. No power figures have been released but we expect huge amounts of torque! More pictures of the beast in the gallery below and video after the jump.

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