Lotus is the first Formula 1 team to unveil its 2013 car and we're a little bit surprised to see that the stepped nose is still visible. But it seems that we'll have to expect that from a few other teams.

As you can see, the Lotus E21's steering wheel has everything that the iceman needs: the mute button, the nap button, the "Button" button and of course the Banana button! But it seems that the E21 has some secret weapons that might or might not be in the scope of the regulations like the "Deploy Angry Bird" button and the "Jump" button.

This season Kimi won't have any issues returning to the race track thanks to the new "sat nav" button. We'll let you dig through all the other features..

As I'm writing this psot, you can still follow the official unveiling event on Live on Youtube. So hurry up while you still can! Next up will be McLaren who will be unveiling their 2013 car on January 31st, so stay tuned!

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