Photo credits: Nelson Racing Engines

So how did the guys from Nelson Racing Engines achieve such an output? They used a NRE Billet Blackout Series twin-turbo intercooled 9.4-Liter Chevy V8 engine. Power is transferred to rear wheels through a 6-speed transmission and a twin 10.5-inch (26.7 cm) dual disc clutch. Needless to say that project is meant to be a straight line beast, that's why they equipped it with a set of HRE wheels wrapped in Drag Radial tires.

The car might look like a classic Camaro from the outside but it has some modern technologically advanced features like the electrically-assisted four wheel disc brakes or the dual-fuel injectors per cylinder incorporating “Octane on Demand” automatically injecting race gas in the secondary injector under boost only conditions while driving around on 91 octane. It even has a full 1000 Watt sound system!

More pictures of the beast in the gallery below!

[Source: Nelson Racing Engines]
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