Photo credits: SR Auto Group

Another breath taking custom version of the Ferrari 458 Italia. This time it's SR Auto Group's turn to showcase its know-how in customization and the result is absolutely stunning! I'm not so sure whether I'm more impressed by the quality of the shots or the quality of the customization executed on this car. One thing is sure, the following could cause you an eyegasm...

This project dubbed "Ice Blade" is mainly focused on the aesthetic of the Italian supercar. But with a 572 Hp V8 engine at the back, the 458 Italia has already enough power to make an Enzo shy at the Fiorano circuit. So we're okay with that.

The most noticeable styling elements come from the Novitec Rosso carbon fiber bodykit including a front splitter, side skirts, door handles, side mirrors, a rear spoiler and a rear diffuser painted in white to match the car's color. Wheels are matte black PUR 4OUR DEPTH, 21 inches at the front, 22 at the rear, with a DaVinci Red accent that makes the whole thing look even more appetizing. Check out the high res gallery below for more pics.

[source: SR Auto Group]
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