During our visit to the McLaren stand at the Paris Motor Show, we had a little chat with Mr Francis Falconer, Northern European Regional Sales Manager at McLaren Automotive and he gave us some interesting information about the P1 hypercar. The most interesting figure is the amount of down force that the car is able to generate at high speeds. The guys at McLaren say that the P1 is able to deliver 600 Kg of down force, similar to a GT3 racer.

When I asked about the top speed of the F1 successor, Mr Francis responded that the P1 was developed to be one the fastest and most rewarding cars on the track. During the development phase, the McLaren engineers focused mainly on acceleration, grip and down force. When I asked if it would have a higher top speed than the McLaren F1, he responded that their goal was not to have the highest top speed but to have the fastest machine on track.

As for the powertrain, the guys at McLaren remain tight lipped. And the grille you see at the back of the car will be "transparent" in the final product. Expect the production version of the P1 to be unveiled at Geneva 2013. In the meantime, enjoy the high res gallery below.

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