Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Sauber C31 revealed: The thinnest nose yet

It's a great day for F1 fans. As the beginning of the season approaches, all the teams have started to take wraps off their 2012 contenders. The first testing session starts tomorrow at Jerez, and all the teams will be there for a first shakedown for their machines. Just like, Ferrari, Lotus, Caterham and Force India, the Sauber C31 has a stepped nose designed to avoid the lowering of the whole front end. This solution allows to avoid reducing the height of the suspension rods which will cause a handicap in handling and also have an impact on the airflow underneath the car's body. There is a particularity with the nose of this C31 however, it is incredibly thin. It'll be interesting to see how these things will behave on a crash...

[Source: Sauber F1]
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