As someone working on an embedded software for future electric vehicles, this video gives more sense to my job. Mainly because it contributes to changing people's opinion about electric vehicles. They are no longer those ugly tiny slow city vehicles. And what's better than setting up a new record around the green hell to demonstrate your new electric prototype's capabilities. That's what Toyota did with its somehow road legal TMG EV P001 prototype (yes it definitely needs another name).

It's still a full minute behind a similar gasoline powered "production" vehicle (radical SR8 LM) but it's one minute and thirteen seconds faster than Peugeot's fresh record of 9:01 with the electric EX1 concept. Does that mean that the electric vehicles war has just started? I can't think of a better battlefied than the Green Hell. Keep the reocrds coming!

You can check out high res pictures of the beast in the gallery below and watch the video of the record setting run. As a bonus, you will find a video of the radical SR8 LM's record setting run of 6:48, just to compensate the lack of noise with the Toyota..

Toyota's TMG EV P001 record:

Radical SR8 LM's record:
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