After 11 years since the first Pagani Zonda roll out of the Modena factory, the Italian supercar with german power hasn't taken one single wrinkle. However, it's time for a replacement. Its name is the Huayra and it came to bring all the technical achivements made possible with the Zonda R to a road going model.

Power comes from a six-liter mercedes-benz V12 rated at 700 Hp and developped specifically by the AMG division for the Huayra. All that power is transferred to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that weights 96 Kg.

The Huayra survived the sadly inevitable increase in weight without too much damage. The Italian hypercar weights just 1350 Kg (2976 pounds). However that's nearly 120 Kg (264 pounds) heavier than a Zonda F. But thanks to its powerful engine and very advanced aerodynamic package, the Huayra is capable of speeds above 370 m/h (230 mph).

Horacio Pagani wanted the Huayra to be faithful to its name which means wind. So he has equipped it with one of the most advanced active aerodynamic packages ever instaled on a road car. The most visible elements are the active front and rear wings shown in the two pictures above.

I know that a lot of you aren't big fans of the mouthy front end. But i'm pretty sure that it's the way it is for a very specific reason. So if that mouthy front end will help the Italian supercar be 6 seconds faster around the Nordschleife, so be it!

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The Huayra's design is quite complex, you have to really get closer to it to understand the beauty of its lines.

The engine bay as always is a true piece of art.. well as the interior. I'm not so sure about the utility of the seat central mounted iDrive-like button though.

To forge your own opinion, you can contemplate the Huayra from every angle you want in the mega gallery below.

[source: Pagani]
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