Remember that awesome Ford Mustang BOSS 302 with its red track key? It seem that was only the beginning of the story. Now Ford racing is working on a track only version of the car. It means that you won't be able to drive it to the track like the regular BOSS 302 using the "every day key". In fact this one doesn't even have a key, it doesn't have a sound system either but it does have an air conditionning system and some basic switches on the dashboard. The Mustang 302S will be sharing the same 5.0-liter four-valve V8 found in the BOSS 302R race car. That explains the BOSS 302R signature you are seing in the engine picture below.

Pricing of this beautiful piece of engineering starts at $79,000. Additional features are a six-speed manual transmission, a 6 point roll cage, Recaro seats, safety harness, data acquisition and race dampers and springs, plus Brembo brakes and a performance tire package. The car is also equipped with an adjustable carbon fiber rear wing and a fiberglass hood with heat extractors.

If you are planning to own this baby, you better act fast as only 50 of those are going to be made. Production will start in the second quarter of 2011. Full technical specs can be found at Ford Racing.

[source: MustangsDaily]
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