Luke Fink (Left) VS. Jon Calvert (Right)
Photo credits: 7Tune

If you're not familiar with the JDM Allstars drift championship held in the UK since 2008, this post will probably refresh things for you. This year's final at Silverstone saw an epic battle between Luke Fink in his Silvia PS13 and Jon Calvert in his 180SX and thanks to this amazing video by Josh Allen, you can see how close they actually got in motion.

The winner of the event was Jon Calvert, however, the champioship crown went to Luke Fink. Congratulations for both of them! To read the full story head on to MotorMavens in the link below.

JDM Allstars Silverstone > THE FINAL from Josh Allen on Vimeo.

[source: MotorMavens via 7tune]
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