Picture of Ben Collins spending time with his two daughters while another Stig (maybe the new Stig) was being filmed at a LIVE Top Gear event last week at the Nürburgring - Photo credits: mirror.co.uk

Just here to share with you this quote by Tiff Needell that i found on my Twitter account:

"Just read Ben has had £250k advance for his autobiography! I reckon I need a new angle to promote mine. How about 'The Daddy of all Stigs'?!"

I quite like it when he calls him self 'The Daddy of all Stigs'. He might be jocking, but after all, he sort of is. This also confirms a lot of rumors that emerged during the last month about the Stig's autobiography. For me, this is the strongest non BBC confirmation about the old (new) Stig being fired before he would probably get killed in the next series.
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