The Alfa Romeo 164 Pro Car is one of the wildest race cars created by Alfa in 1988 in order to participate into a support series for Formula 1. The idea was to build cars that aren't very different from Formula 1's single seaters from a technical point of view but with a road car appearence. The result is a central mounted Alfa Romeo built V10 beast with totally removable body parts. The Alfa 164 Pro Car was developped in cooperation with the Brabham F1 Team and had more than 600 Hp. This superpowerful sedan shares nothing with the standard Alfa 164 road car but the looks. It is believed that the 164 Pro Car was capable of reaching 349 Km/h (217 mph) and judging by its power and shape, it's totally understandable.

Unfortunately no other manufacturer was willing to invest in such a project which left Alfa Romeo the only team with a car ready to run. Therefore the series was cancelled. It would have been interesting to see what BMW and Mercedes-Benz would come up with.

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