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Photo credits: F1fanatic

Happily, it seems that the boring 2010 season opener in Bahrain was just an exeption. Just like Melbourne one week ago, we had a very exiting race with lots of overtaking and different strategies, and this time in dry conditions. The fact that the grid was kind of upside down due to a rainy qualifying session helped improve the spectacle even more. Especially when it comes to the spectacular 6th place finish of Lewis Hamilton after starting only 20th on the grid.

During the race, Lewis had a Fantastic fight for ninth place with the until now discrete Renault driver Vitaly Petrov. Coming out from turn 15, Lewis was trying to defend his position from a more agressive than ever Vitaly Petrov. To avoid the Russian driver taking advantage of the aspiration of Lewis's car, the 2008 world champion changed his trajectory four times in that straight to defend his position. We all enjoyed that moment of good racing... Exept for a group of people whose job is to ruin the sport. After that beautiful fight Lewis received a sanction warning from race control because of his behaviour on the track. In other words, he received a warning for good racing. Pretty sad, isn't it? It seems that there's an invisible hand trying to take all the fun out of F1.
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