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Pick of the Day: Acura NSX on Strasse Forged Wheels

Photo credits: Raymond Neice

The new Acura NSX will enter into production somewhere in the (near?) future, but the previous Acura NSX still hasn't taken one single wrinkle. It's already a classic, just like the Toyota Supra. So it's no surprise that it's still one of the favourite cars that tuners love to play with.

This particular yellow Acura NSX rides Strasse Forged wheels and it really stands out with its beautiful yellow paint job! The wheels measure 18 inches at the front and 19 inches at the rear. Their center is finished in Carbon Fiber while the lip matches the color of the car. The center caps are from full brushed aluminum.

Here's the full story by the owner him self!

Praga R1 on the Track

Photo credits: Roberto Blank

In case you didn't know, there's a track car called Praga R1 and it comes from the Czech Rebuplic. When it was first unveiled, the concept car looked like this, but now it looks like the white beauty you are seeing in the picture above.

The lightweight track car is powered by a 2.0-Liter Renault Sport engine mounted to a six-speed Hewland JFR sequential transmission. The engine produces 210 Hp but that should be enough for R1 to be a real track beast since it only weights 590 Kg (1300 pounds) thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber. This track toy will cost €98,000.
F12 Berlinetta...

Photo credits: Future Photography

Someone managed to capture all the beauty in this black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The 730 Hp V12 powered Berlinetta is surely one of the most beautiful front engined Ferraris ever made. If you're not quite sure yet, you should see more pictures of this black beauty. Head on to Future Photography's website for more stunning shots of the prancing horse!
Pick of The Day: Most Beautiful E36 M3 Photographed by Jonathan Ray

Photo credits: Jonathan Ray

Our pick of the day is a supercharged BMW E36 M3 photographed by Jonathan Ray. This particularly gorgeous blue M3 is equipped with a RMS stage 2 Vortech Supercharger as well as some other tweaks. The aesthetic modifications are minor but done with taste.. Add to that some serious photographing skills and you have some of the most beautiful shots of a BMW M3.

Head on to Jonathan Ray's official website for more stunning pictures..