This year's Formula 1 might not be very popular among some fans due to lack of engine noise or the low front noses. But it's one of the most interesting in years from a technical point of view. Today's F1 cars rely more than ever on telemetry. And we've already seen with Nico Rosberg earlier this year that racing without telemetry can have a huge impact on the speed of the driver.

During a race weekend, no less than 30 GB gigabytes of data is sent by the cars to the pit wall. This huge amount of information can be very useful especially for struggling teams who can rely on them to improve their cars between the races. The Sauber F1 team invites you for a full onboard lap where you can monitor by your self the different system variables sent by the car's 140 sensors like steering position, engine RPM, gear, clutch, individual wheel speed, position on the circuit and much more.

Thank you Sauber F1 team, and keep them coming!

[Source: Sauber F1 Team]

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