You might think that now that the season is over, Formula1 teams have the time to relax. Well that's not true especially this year since we have the major regulations changes. Part of the new rules, teams will have to switch from the current 2.4-liter naturally aspirated V8 Formula to a more efficient 1.6-iter turbocharged V6.

In the eighties, this would have meant power figures that will easily surpass 1,000 Hp. Today, teams are no longer able to voluntarily blow up engines. So they have to go easy on the power. In order to get things working perfectly in time for the new season, teams like Ferrari might have already started to test their 2014 power train. Which brings us to this video.

What we are seeing here a LaFerrari test mule that is powered by something that is definitely not a V12 if you hear the noise. The guys at WorldCarFans also point out that the additional roof scoop also strengthens the possibility that this could be Ferrari's future F1 engine. We really hope that these are the very early stages of the development because we really don't want to see the 2014 F1 cars sounding like this.
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