Fan made Ferrari LMP1 Prototype

Now that Le Mans is attracting top F1 drivers again and that F1 rules are becoming more and more restrictive. Prototype racing has become an attractive Formula, even for top F1 teams like Ferrari. Which explains why Luca Di Montezemolo recently declared that a Le Mans return is a possibility for Ferrari and needs some serious consideration. The Ferrari Chief was quoted saying: "who knows, maybe one day we can return and win, say thanks and come home, [...] Maybe we should give it some consideration".

And today, Mark Webber who already joined Porsche for its 2014 LMP1 project, came up with a crazy idea that could not be too far from reality if you think about it:

This is nothing serious of course, but it seems that Mark is willing to bring the rest of the F1 paddock to Le Mans (except Seb?). You should follow him, he has things to say.
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