Designed by Steel Blake

While Toyota, Subaru and Honda are resurrecting their iconic sports cars and generating excitement among their fans, Mitsubishi doesn't seem to have plans to bring us a new sports coupe like the FTO, Eclipse or even better, the 3000GT (GTO). Happily, there are some great designers out there that are keeping this dream alive like Steel Blake from Kyrgyzstan [1] who helped by Zhikharev Eduard and Mike Kinikhin came up with this fantastic concept that he sees as a new Eclipse model for the year 2015.

While chances of that happening are more than weak. At least we have the renderings below to help us visualize what such a sports car might be. Of course, being a virtual model, the car features some crazy design bits like the openings in the front fenders or the asymmetric lines in the front grille. Overall, the car clearly hints at the 2001 Eclipse model and we can even say that it's pretty recognizable as Mitsubishi model.

Thumbs up for the good work. More renderings in the gallery below.

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