Photo credits: Dustin Brady for StanceNation

We're not really used to have stanced American muscle cars. Until now, it was something reserved for Japanese and German cars. But now that we've seen this Mustang, one can wonder why this has not been done before!

This one of a kind Mustang that belongs to Omar Hashmi is not there just to look pretty. The muscle car's engine has been tweaked to produce 775 Hp. That allows it to devour the quarter mile in 10 seconds! To complete the beastly look, the car rides on 19 inch VIP Modular VRC13s in a custom copper finish that suits the main tan-camouflage plastidip paint finish as hell!

More pictures of the beast in the gallery below and don't forget to drop by Stancenation for the complete set!

[source: StanceNation]
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