This striking Ferrari concept car is the fruit of the imagination of four design school graduates from Italy. It is named Ferrari EGO (Emotional Generation One) and it represents what a lightweight compact supercar ready for the streets by 2025 would look like.

The rear end is largely inspired by the iconic Ferrari 330 P4 and the front end is marked by the hidden rectangular headlights. Overall, the design is very homogeneous and even though it looks futuristic, it could very possibly find its place today among cars like the SSC Tuatara or the GT by Citro├źn Concept.

This design study is the result of the collaboration between Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi and Vincenzo Morlino from the "Instituto d’Arte Applicata e Design", Torino and Luca Zunino from the "Politecnico di Milano". Thumbs up for their amazing work and we are waiting for more from these guys! More high res pictures in the gallery below.

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